Delivery faq

Where do you deliver?

We offer shipping to local (South African) and international destinations worldwide via a door-to-door courier service. Your parcel can be tracked during its entire journey.

The smart receipt system on the payment gateway will automatically calculate your shipping charge, based on the weight and dimensions of the items, the destination, and the selected delivery method. The delivery charge will then automatically be added to your invoice.

Which couriers do you use and how can I track my order?

Local shipping/delivery is provided by a third-party service provider, ACT Logistics. You can find more info about them on the ACT Website. International shipping/delivery is provided by a third-party service provider, DHL.

To see the status of your order, as per the explanations below, head over to the orders section on your account dashboard.

Order status explanations

At SA Rugby Online Shop, we want to ensure that you are always informed about the status of your orders. To help you understand the different stages of your purchase journey, we provide various order status updates. Each status represents a specific milestone in the processing and delivery of your items. Below are the explanations of the different order statuses you might see:


This status indicates that the order has been received and is currently being processed by the SA Rugby Online Shop team. The payment has been confirmed, and the order is being prepared for shipment.

On Hold

The “On Hold” status means that there might be an issue with the order that requires attention. It could be related to payment verification, address validation, or other order-related matters. Customers might be contacted for additional information or confirmation to proceed with the order.


This status indicates that the order has been processed successfully, and the SA Rugby Online Shop team is in the process of packing the items for shipping. The order is about to be dispatched to the courier for delivery.

Jersey Personalisation

If customers have opted for personalized jerseys or other customized products, this status will reflect that the personalization process is taking place. It indicates that additional time is needed for customization before the order can be shipped.

Ready for Courier Collection

Once the packing is complete, and the order is ready to be shipped, it will be marked as “Ready for Courier Collection.” This status signifies that the package is awaiting pickup by the courier for delivery to you.


The “Delayed” status indicates that there has been an unforeseen delay in processing or shipping the order. This could be due to stock availability, production delays, or any other unexpected circumstances. SA Rugby Online Shop will make efforts to resolve the delay promptly and keep you informed.

Courier Collected

This status means that the courier has collected the package from the SA Rugby Online Shop and has started the delivery process. Your order is in transit, and the tracking information should be available soon.

Awaiting Customer Response

If there is an issue with the order, address, or payment that requires your attention or confirmation, the status may be changed to “Awaiting Customer Response.” Customers will be notified to provide the necessary information to proceed with the order.

Partially Shipped

If an order contains multiple items and some of them have been shipped while others are still being prepared for shipping, the status will be “Partially Shipped.” This status allows customers to know that they will receive multiple shipments.


The “Completed” status indicates that the order has been successfully delivered to you. The package has been received and acknowledged, and the order process is complete.


If you or SA Rugby Online Shop cancels the order before it’s shipped, the status will be “Cancelled.” The order process has been terminated, and any payment made will be refunded.


If the order has been refunded in full, the status will be “Refunded.” The order has been cancelled, and the payment has been returned to your original payment method.


The “Failed” status means that there was an issue with the payment process, and the payment was not successful. Customers may need to try again with a different payment method or contact support for assistance.

How much does delivery cost?

Delivery costs are variable as they are primarily dependent on the destination and weight of the items purchased. Please refer directly to the site and follow the checkout process to view delivery costs before finalising your order. If you require further information, please contact us on

How long does local delivery take?

For local deliveries, the approximate delivery time is 1-4 working days depending on the service selected (excluding personalised items).

Order processing time is not included in the estimated delivery dates. The options for local delivery are an express option (1-2 working days) and an e-Commerce rate (lead time 2-4 working days). Should you wish to personalise your item (i.e. name and number printing on the back of jerseys), this would add up to 5 working days to the delivery timeline.

How long does international delivery take?

For deliveries to international countries, the approximate delivery time is five to seven working days (excluding personalised items).

Should you wish to personalise your item (i.e. name and number printing on the back of jerseys), this would add up to 5 working days to the delivery timeline. Certain countries are excluded from the online check-out list due to varying cost structures.

Please email should you have a query. In the case of international shipping, delivery excludes taxes and duties (if applicable), quarantine charges, storage, and any unforeseen expenses incurred by customs or handling services at the destination.

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